Welcome to the Royal sub-Citizen Services Bureau!

The old border pipeline viewing station beeps and purrs as always. Approaching it a bright light flickers on and a beautiful women hovers before you on the broken ground.

Hello and welcome to the Royal sub-Citizen Integration Bureau! Or as we like to call it around here, the RsCIB for short haha. I am Belladonna Fitz, Head Public Relations Officer for all of the RsCIB. Well no, it’s not actually me standing here silly! I’m a holographic representation of Mrs. Fitz, there are thousands of me around the globe, at every border pipeline and Integration Center. I serve as guide to navigating the somewhat treacherous path of sub-citizenry, ultimately leading you back to the glory of the Queen and true citizenship itself.

So you’re a sub-Citizen, now what?

You may have ended up here in any number of ways. Maybe you were born below the surface layer, maybe you couldn’t pay your citizen fees, maybe you got in trouble one too many times with the Royal Police. However you find yourself in this situation does not matter to us here at the RsCIB, we provide a path to true citizenship, available to any willing to walk down it.

That being said, the path to true citizenship is a loooong one, for most. So let’s focus on helping you survive during your residency here in the sub layer.

As most people know, the great Bane dynasty has guided our planet as a whole for thousands of years. As extreme over population took its toll on the original planet surface, depleting most of the natural resources, King Godfried Bane the Great, in the year of our lord 3666, created the first artificial planetary surface; saving our ancestors from a slow, horrible death and allowing our planet to once again thrive! All hail the Bane’s!

This “first layer” paved the way for the many that have followed. Each subsequent layer has been more advanced then the last, leading to an interesting geological phenomenon. As the actual number of layers is considered classified information, no one knows how deep down the true surface is but they do know that each layer is at a different point in the cycle of degradation, leading to an array of different terrains from layer to layer.

Officially, the only two layers available to citizens are the current surface layer, popularly referred to as “The Queen’s Layer” and the layer directly below. As a sub-citizen you will have plenty of time to get to know what wonders and mysteries lay below the Queen’s Layer, while even though the Bane dynasty cares a great deal for all, citizens and sub-citizens alike, their Royal Police and security forces only routinely patrol The Queen’s Layer, leaving much of the below free to govern and police itself. Try not to think of this as a bad thing! It’ll be alright, in my experience here at RsCIB I’ve come to find that many subbys, oh sorry, I mean sub-citizens are often more resilient then the average true citizen.

As I was saying though, the only layers you will find any self-respecting true citizens in are the surface and directly below, all others are officially off limits. Any citizen caught trespassing down on ancient layer ground is subject to immediate rejection from the warm embrace of the Queen. Hey, that might be another way you’ve landed yourself in the sub-citizen category!

Quit with the history lesson ya wind bag, how do I get out of this shit hole?
Is a frequently asked question here at the RsCIB, so I like to address it without too much preamble.

There are three paths to citizenship available to most sub-citizens:

1. Apply and Wait
Good ol’ bureaucracy at its finest! I have a copy of the data file needed to apply for citizenship the old fashion way. Many factors play into who gets accepted so for some this process could be a quick and simple one, but for most it is a long (possibly life long) waiting period.

2. Voluntary Military Service
How does the Bane dynasty maintain such a fierce and loyal military and police force? This path to citizenship! The minimum service time depends greatly on the skill set of each applicant but is often around ten years. As only the strongest survive their voluntary service, each year has led to a stronger, more powerful citizen military. The Queen wants you!

3. Buy Your Way In
The cost varies depending on the current demand for citizenship but the majority of people who have landed themselves in sub-citizenry are unable to afford the “Queen’s Ransom”.

And those are your options! I hope this automated service has been helpful in your time of confusion and need. Mrs. Fitz from the Royal sub-Citizen Integration Bureau signing off! Hail the queen and god speed sub-citizen, you’re going to need it.

Welcome to the Royal sub-Citizen Services Bureau!

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