Bill Gil (McBeard)

Bill Gil (McBeard)—
Age: 32
Location: NW / Westside
Affinity: Renu & Raj Gil, Cosboad McBeard, Jack Flamebourne

Bill is a very talented piano player who gigs around Old Portland regularly. When not out freelancing his music talents Billy spends his time diligently home schooling his young son, Raj. Bill is married to Renu Gil, Raj’s mother, a somewhat known, freelance parapsychologist. Renu is the main bread winner in the family, spending most of her time away from the home.

Billy Gil, formally Bill McBeard, is the half brother of Cosboad McBeard, a young security specialist who lives on the East side. They both share a mother, Milly McBeard , a worn out old, alcoholic whore who works in a local brothel, Angela’s Place. Both of their fathers were different johns, neither one has ever met them.

Billy works a considerable amount at the Old Portland Royal Bane Church of God playing piano for their theater productions. This work has led Billy to be good friends with Jack Flamebourne, a local Westside celebrity. Jack is an actor who spends most of his time playing leads in the churches passion and mystery plays.

Bill Gil (McBeard)

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