Fernando Chavez

Fernando Chavez—
Age: 18
Location: Eastside
Affinity: Cosboad McBeard, The Jets, Ghost Faced KILLLAHS!, Nadine Davenport

“When you’re a Jet your a Jet all the way.”

Mr. Chavez grew up on the Eastside of Old Portland with Cosboad. They’ve known each other for as long as either one of them can remember. Fernando fell into the local gang, The Jets, early on and has become a skilled bard in the Jet army. A truly impressive flautist, Fernando has also focused his bardic efforts on martial arts, utilizing his performer mind on perfecting hand to hand combat.

Fernando was one of the founding members of the Ghost Faced KILLLAHS!. Starting as a childhood club, Cosboad and Fernando have grown the GFKs into an effective ghost and supernatural hunting squad. When not pursing his skrilla with gang activity, Fernando is with the other GFKs hunting.

Fernando has also been spending a lot of his time with the newest member of the GFKs, Nadine Davenport the hot parapsychologist.

Fernando Chavez

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